Fake news! Attack on Science! Subversion of the Legal System! This film explores the highly topical issues of media manipulation, science for hire, and perversion of the legal system … all through the lens of the Deflategate scandal. Through interviews with attorneys, journalists, professors, and fans, we examine how accusations of deflated footballs became a national obsession. We go beyond the football to show that the tactics used by the NFL in this scandal are not unique, but are frequently replicated to manipulate public opinion, influence government regulation, muddy the waters around science, and unfairly impact the outcome of court cases.

Lemon Martini Productions

Social justice documentaries with a twist


About the Film


February 25th New York City 3:45pm  Winter Film Awards

March 21st Newport, RI 7:30pm  Jane Pickens Theater (Tickets Available Soon)

March 24th Providence, RI 3pm Columbus Theater

March 25th West Newton, MA 1pm West Newton Cinema